Maintenance Services


Service Calls

  • One call for all maintenance requests and needs
  • Insured contractors
  • Oversight of the work performed

City, University and Insurance Inspections

  • We work with the inspectors from start to finish ensuring the chapter is in compliance with these inspections. We will be there during the inspection and bring in our contractors and employees to repair any violations.

Routine inspections

  • Routine inspections will occur identifying items in need of repair along with preventative maintenance items. House will also be inspected during break periods to ensure the house is closed properly, alarms turned on and heat is working.

Service Contracts

  • Review of service contracts to ensure they are competitively priced and service is appropriate for the needs of the chapter.


  • Provide approved vendors for purchases on maintenance and cleaning supplies ensuring pricing is competitive, consistent products and vendors that have the best interest in the chapter.

Remodels and Projects

  • Oversight of small to medium remodeling projects. Involvement with architects and engineers for larger remodeling projects.

House Managers

  • Communication and involvement with house managers including training of basic repairs and upkeep.


  • Act as a liaison between the chapter and the University, City and third party officials.

Contact Info

Greek Management
1803 Cobblefield Ct.
Champaign, IL 61822