Accounting Services


Invoicing and Collection of dues

Dues evaluation

  • Dues are evaluated annually and adjusted based on expected nationals dues, historical expenses and projections of future chapter expenses. Comparisons of dorms and other houses are evaluated as well.

Housing Agreements

  • Agreements are evaluated annually to ensure the most up to date agreements are being used between the chapter and the actives.
  • IRS and Payroll filings including annual Corporate filings oversight. This will be handled by a CPA firm which we will oversee.

Invoicing all dues and fees

  • Invoices are mailed and emailed to Parents and Actives.
  • Explanation of invoices to parents through detailed communication of all invoices ranging from new member dues, out of house dues, in house dues and room and board.

Collection of dues and fees including follow up with actives and parents

  • Our office receives calls and explains bills and payment options to actives and parents. If needed payment plans are set up with credit card guarantees.
  • Our systems allow for dues to be paid by checks and credit cards. Dues can be paid on line off the invoice that parents receive.
  • Statements are sent to members and parents with overdue invoices with follow up communications to actives and parents.

Relationships with collection agencies and eviction attorneys

  • If needed we have collection agencies and attorneys available for eviction and understand the procedures that must be followed to collect dues.

Accounts Payable

Payable of all bills received

  • All bills are received and paid through our office with monthly reports showing income and expenses.


  • Budgets are prepared and reported monthly these are compared to income and expense reports to evaluate the chapters current cash flow and status.


  • Standard and custom reporting providing the necessary information required of your particular chapter.


  • Prepare and deliver payroll for your staff

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