Don’t let the Greek house be a source of anxiety for you or the students. Instead, have complete confidence that your house operates efficiently and successfully. Know that the newest University policies are communicated and followed, that city property regulations are met, that Charter requirements are satisfied, and that time and money is being used most effectively. See the proven and documented benefits we can produce for you. Our services bring a level of awareness, planning, and professionalism that is not otherwise achievable.

Greek Management will make a safe and effective house organization that is designed to work almost invisibly to you and the students. In this effort we can plan how to best use the collective volunteer time, smoothly transition the seemingly never ending turn over of Officers, manage ongoing house maintenance, renovations, accounting, collections, and more. Our services will give your company more financial stability, maximize house operation efficiency, minimize loss and labor, encourage member involvement, and foster opportunity for growth.

We strive to prevent undesirable costs through consistant and reliable implementation of policy, transition handling of services and residents, regular inspections, and timely communications. Customizing our services will gaurantee that we meet the individual needs of your house and its organization. Our experience and expertise makes easy, for you and residents, that which has been hard and disruptive.

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