Growth, Stability, and Expansion. Ultimately growth, stability, and power to expand are the final results of working with Greek Management. Houses with greater involvement, those with active and involved members and alumni, have a stronger sense of organization and higher probability of success. With the improvements in efficiency and cost savings that we provide, your house will foster more involvemnt and become more valuable to the Alumni. Because of our involvement alumni volunteers can focus their attention on chapter activities and improvement of the chapter active instead of the day to day items that repeat themselves and take away from the true benefits and experiences of belonging to the Greek system.

Conversely, timely and cost effective collection of revenue directly affects results of operation. Collections is also one of the biggest headaches for House Administrators and Class Officers. We cure the headache and make the revenues reliable. We will review and mail contracts, provide consistant follow up with House Officers, parents, and if needed, legal enforcement of contracts through eviction and/or collections agencies. Using an agreed upon plan of action, we eliminate the difficulties of collection and make revenues reliable.

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