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    Facility Management for Greeks
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The Power of Know-How

In order to successfully participate in the Greek organization a chapter executive board is confronted with a diverse set of tasks and problems. There are new members to recruit, events to administer, laws and codes to abide by, safety procedures and inspections to follow, maintenance issues, food service to oversee, finances to manage and more. Greek Management provides a local source that can operate and administrate many of these aspects while providing knowledge of best practices for these and other items that arise.

Maximize Opportunity

We work to provide an administrative structure that enhances the operation of Fraternities and Sororities. Our efforts will improve the opportunity and decision making experience of both, you, the house manager and resident undergraduates. We are dedicated to working with Alumni Advisory Boards, House Corporations, and undergraduate chapters to improve overall property management, fiscal responsibility, and resident opportunity. We expect our involvement will improve the student experience and facilitate growth in the house and chapter development.

Experience Results

The results have led to alumni, chapter members, parents, city and university officials having a company to go to for results. While every house is unique in their own issues we believe we have seen most every issue and can work through issues to get the desired outcome. Experience results from more effective and appropriate repair and maintenance, rent collections systems and the foresight of annual planning and budgeting.